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“There are some points I am not yet sure about - I no doubt will have to study the subject in more detail and look at other arguments to the debate.”

“Thanks very much for all your support during this Four year course.”

“The course materials and books I am using in my everyday life.  Thank you!  This material I will refer to when planning my teaching and sermons.”

“The module is fantastic, and very inspiring.”

“This module was very interesting + useful especially the topic on marriage/divorce, as one who has experienced this recently, this topic was very reassuring to me personally.”

“Just what I needed at this time of my life.”

“I found the text book very helpful in the area of principles for family life.”

“This module was so meaningful and important to me.”

“I think this module has helped me understand yet further the subject of prayer, and the relationship between God the Son and the father, and also how Jesus related to the Holy Spirit.”

“During this essay I had a call from the Jehovah Witnesses...”

“I really appreciate all your efforts and your professional comments.   It has opened my eyes...”

“I think this assignment very useful and important from a doctrinal point of view.  The text book was very impressive.”