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Please make payment below (debit/credit card or PayPal).

CLC administration fees are strictly between the student and their CLC.

Prices are subject to change.        Award prices: Printed Awards Optional: £50.        Time Allowance: each Year includes a free nontransferable extra year: any extra time, £50 pa.        Cancellation Refunds: admin payments to one’s CLC remains strictly between student and the CLC, and of monies paid to us, after deducting a £30 admin charge, we refund 100% within 8 weeks, or 50% within 12 weeks, less any marking done.  O/sea’s students: we reserve the right to offset extra refund costs.

You directly pay your CLC one tenth, ie £50.

Subsequently, once they have marked the essays of a module, we pay CLC markers £25 per module they mark (whether in Years 2,3, or 4).

CLC Elective Markers must hold an academic BA in a biblical/theological area, and undertake to mark 50% of your essays.

All assignments to be sent to us.

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