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When can I start?

Begin a course anytime in the year.  Once we register you we will send you a password to access study material.

Do I do all the set modules, or are some electives?

Normally you’re to do all the modules in your Year, but exemptions may be allowed for prior educational credits (if biblical/theological) at accredited tertiary level.

How is work marked?

Multichoice assignments aside, for essay assignments, markers will have at least a BTh or near equivalence.

Could I extend the time for my course?

We link Year numbers for each course, but can allow extra yearly registration within reason: example, Year 1 might take two calendar years.

Would I need extra textbooks?

Yes, but a friend’s, library, or the internet, might help.  For basic books bought new, budget about £80-100 per year. We supply study notes for most modules.  Those on the CLC course can have free access to the set books.

Are any special discounts available?

Not from us! These courses are already extremely discounted, some might say about 10% of what we could charge for Years 2-4, and Y1 is free.

I represent a church.  How may I advertise you?

Thanks.  You might like to print out our flyer, and link our site to your website.

What is your website privacy policy?

Our site is signed up under www.google.com/analytics/tos.html .  You may also see http://support.serif.com/KB/a414/faq-what-cookies-are-generated-by-sites-created-in-webplus.aspx .