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All set courses are Internet based.

If you begin on Y1 & Y2 courses, you’ll find your initial tasks graded to develop academic skills from a low basis, and you’ll be able to elect either (in Y1) to major on multichoice, or essay, tasks.  You may request a special curriculum if you already have college credits in theology or Biblical Studies.

You must be sponsored by a self-enrolled local church – you may ask your local church to self-enrol.  If academically qualified, that church is entitled to help in the marking process.


Year 1

Certificate in Biblical Studies

Focusing on biblical literature for a strong build

Year 2

Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies

Introducing theological studies

Year 3

Diploma in Theology

Majoring on theological studies

Year 4

Advanced Diploma in Theology

Ensuring a robust and incisive theological framework

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