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We focus bursaries towards practicing Christians sponsored by their local churches. If you represent a local church, please consider sponsoring a student. If you are a practicing Christian, please consider being sponsored for our courses.

Financial costs to local churches are likely to range between either slightly above, or slightly below, zero cost.

This route offers several benefits to local churches and to their members. At low cost, students may remain with their churches in Christian study and service.

We will not pay any local church, nor will it pay us. In three-way partnership, CLC’s may levy £50 from each student for Years 1-4. These study Years are course, not calendar, years. Students will have good quality education at surprisingly little financial cost.

Together, we can extend Christian education to individuals, some perhaps with very low incomes, who have the time & talent to develop in Christian studies within their localities.

If your church has any members with proper degrees in theology, we invite them to share paid marking with us.