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Application Years 2-4


Local churches must...

Local churches may...

To church leader/s: your local church can immediately and freely link to us as a Church Learning Centre (hereafter CLC), on the basis below. And if it can supply markers with at least a BTh, it may help with marking for Years 2-4 – for decent remuneration. You and the student/s decide whether CLC-to-Student contact is to be intense or lite.

1# CLCs must deem their students committed Christians of good local church standing.

2# CLCs must offer on loan at least our minimum book range for students within the bounds of both common sense and what student & church are happy with: at most this averages about £100 for each academic year.  For example:

3# If CLCs offer pastorally safe space for students to study, access times should be reasonable, tailored towards conveniencing, not inconveniencing, students.  Internet access is not recommended, computers need not be supplied, and access to church-admin computers could raise issues under the Data Protection Act, but space should be laptop friendly. Students may of course study at home, but should have genuine choice.

4# CLCs, if part of local interdenominational networking, such as Churches Together, should consider offering student space to any Christian vetted within the network, granting them parity. Yet they may bias towards their own people, and dismiss for grievous conduct any student from their student space.  The CLC shall inform us of the fact, not the reason, of any dismissals.

5# Local churches may co-operate, offering student space/library access between different local sites.

6# CLCs should, within reason, check the progress of each student on a monthly or bimonthly basis.  Their academic input to students is optional, but could help.

7# Leaders of any local church in an established network, may enrol themselves on this course at the CLC fees.  They should treat themselves as a student within their CLC, and may make sensible adjustments to our requirements above.

8# CLC’s shall publicly hand out any awards we, on successful completion of a Year, grant. This should be by the CLC marker involved, or by any of the church’s leadership.


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