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Foundational Books

1.1 Bruce Milne’s The Message Of John

1.2-3 John Drane’s Introducing The NT

1.4-6 John Drane’s Introducing The OT

1.7 John Stott’s New Issues Facing Christians Today

1.8 David Allen’s There Is A River

2.1-4 Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology: … Biblical Doctrine

2.5 Kay & Weaver’s Pastoral Care And Counselling

2.6 Darrell Bock’s Luke

2.7 Fee & Stuart’s How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth

2.7 D A Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies

2.8 Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s Preaching And Preachers

3.1 William K Kay’s Pentecostals In Britain

3.2 Norman Geisler’s Unshakable Foundations

3.3 alt Alan Millard’s Discoveries From Bible Times

3.3 alt Kevin Logan’s Responding to the Challenge of Evolution

3.4-5 Tim Dowley’s Introduction To The History Of Christianity

3.6 Steve Hakes’ Israel’s Gone Global

3.7 Roy Gane’s Leviticus/Numbers

3.8 Lion’s The World’s Religions

This is a rough guide for Years 1-3.