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Dr Steve H Hakes (PhD) has over the years worked with churches in various ways. In the nineteen eighties he began Ekklēsia, a correspondence course concentrating on the Old Testament. He has moved from an onsite UK Bible College (Mattersey Hall) through distance learning BA (Hons) accredited by Liverpool University, then obtaining the MTh and DTh from one the world’s largest universities, UNISA (Pretoria). A fair taste of onsite &                           


To enrich spiritual life by insights, challenge, to confirm & deepen thinking, and to empower to good works and spiritual direction. To help Christians to biblically input into their church & community, and better supply those already in leadership. To tackle life questions.

To engage with non-Christians unhappy with the caricatures of Soaps & Zeitgeist. All are welcome.

To sharpen and keep sharp minds through discipline. Proverbs speaks of skills. Clear & wide thinking is one such skill, a part of loving God (Dt.6:5; Mk.12:30) and growing in revelation (2 Pt.3:18). Semester Credit Hours expect about three hours a day of reading, research, & writing, over six days.


distance learning courses! Over time, his teaching vision was renamed & reworked into Mallon de TC: mallon de is a Greek NT phrase indicating precision, exactness, depth. For over ten years he also ran a biblically based Christian dating agency - theology is indeed for life. Over some years, Dr Hakes has marked for Cliff College, and South London Christian College.